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Bolivia, Latin America, and US intervention show notes

Counter propaganda

I want to spend a little bit of time acknowledging some things that are being put out by centrist or right wing media sources and pointing out how bullshit it is

  1. Canadian conservatives are claiming to be pro labor and pro worker

  2. Always work to the benefit of capital or the owning class

  3. Always work to limit the negotiation power of unions

  4. Push a law and order narrative that puts striking workers in the same category as any random criminal

  5. Works to declare certain jobs as essential so that they can be legislated back to work if negotiations go badly

  6. Alexandria ocasio Cortez was interviewed by the New York Times to address the establishment democrats claims that progressives are to blame for the narrow victory they achieved over Trump as well as the losses that they had in the house and senate

  7. Progressive policies are very well favored by the majority of people who learn about them

  8. Many people are not happy with the democratic party

  9. The election was way more about getting rid of Trump than it was about hiring Biden

  10. Dems need to put forward good policy that helps people and then get volunteers out working and working online to inform people of what good policies they have put forward



  13. Election conspiracies 

  14. Fraudulent ballots

  15. Belief that in Michigan dead people voted

  16. Watermarked ballots sting 

  17. Hammer and scorecard

  18. Sharpies made so that computers can’t read the ballots

Foes and comrades


Joe Manchin – Democratic Senator from West Virginia – said he wouldn’t vote for increasing the size of the court, or eliminate the 60 vote threshold to break the filibuster, is basically a republican in a democrat suit. I get it, he needs to appease his constituents so he can win again next time but that makes him less useful than a kick in the nuts

Joe Kennedy


Black Socialists in America

The BSA is a group of anticapitalist internationalist Black Americans who believe that workers should control the means of productions in a democratic and decentralized way. They are non sectarian, call themselves scientific socialists, and are very inclusive of other leftists with a couple of exceptions. They are explicitly not tankies and do not support State Capitalism.

You can find out more about their mission and goals on thier website,

Worker Coops

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