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Comradery and Coffee w/ Pearson Bolt (The Mind of a Skeptical Leftist #33 plus Red Reviews #8)

Hey everyone, I’m excited once again to bring you a full episode of The Mind of a Skeptical Leftist. This time around I have another great interview. I’m talking to Pearson Bolt, host of Coffee with Comrades and we cover a lot of ground in a short time. I had to cut this down to a mere 45 minutes but if you want the full interview then you can find the slightly longer version over on the Coffee with Comrades feed in a few days, or you can become a patron, or just email me at to tell me you want a copy of the audio or a link to the video. Then I have a short section for Ask an Anarchist, I added a bit of post conversation commentary because I’m not exactly happy with my answer in the moment to Rene’s objections to anarchism. Then we have Red Reviews number 8 where we talk about Richard Wolff’s book, Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism and finally you get another 15 minute of Anarchist Reading Corner where I read an excerpt from the book The Anarchist Turn.

But, before I get into all of that I have been neglecting to thank all the amazing patrons that have been supporting my work. So thank you to everyone who has been a patron for a long time and an extra big thank you to my newest patrons. Justin Clark, Damein Marie AtHope, Brandie Carrigan, and Dan Wheatley. I think I’ve thanked everyone else verbally already and you can see all their names in the closing of the video. I also really want to thank Justin for all his work on the Red Reviews segment. I think it really adds a level of intellectual rigor to the show and helps bring this whole project together. I have to thank Damien who is not only a patron but also has me on his youtube show every 2 weeks to chat about a variety of topics. I’ll add a link to Damien’s channel in the show notes so you can go and see what is happening there. Damien is a very cool person and is helping me be a better thinker. I’m also going to mention that new patron Brandie will also be the guest in the next episode. It’s a very Saskatchewan centric interview so I hope that you will enjoy that and that it can help you understand where we’re coming from and apply some of that information to the broader discussions that we’re having about politics and changing society. And while he isn’t a patron, I also want to thank my friend Rene for taking the time to talk to me about anarchism and for listening with humility and an open mind even if he doesn’t really agree with my philosophy.

I almost forgot to thank Jim who sent me a donation on my Buy Me a Coffee page. It probably seems like I ask for it a lot but every dollar that I get helps me spend more time on this project and less time in my car doing deliveries for Doordash for extra money. The links for all that stuff are in the show notes or you can find anything for me on my linktree which is If you can support me financially, a like, a share, or a comment really helps or you can write a review on the podcast rating platform you prefer.

I think that’s all so without any further chitchat I send you to my chitchat with Pearson Bolt from Coffee with Comrades

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