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Ep 8 – Decolonization and Anarchism


The Liberal and Conservative parties of Canada for voting against a small extra tax on those making over 20 million

Centrists – comparing both sides is just wrong they have different goals and different ideas about how to reach their goals


My friend and cohost from over on Skeptarchy. He’s out in front of the legislative building with a couple of signs. Justice for Joyce Echequan and Justice for Dalia Kafi. Joyce Echequan was a woman who recorded herself in the hospital and caught nurses treating her cruelly and saying racist shit before she was given too much morphine for pain and died because from it. It’s a clear case of mistreatment and discrimination that caused her death and while those directly responsible for her death were fired they have not faced any kind of charges and the system that allowed people like them to have the attitudes that killed Joyce have not been changed in any way. Dalia Kafi was a young black woman who was assaulted by police officer Alex Dunn when he threw her to the ground face first and broke her nose as well as knocking her unconscious for a few moments. This was also caught on video and is just one example of the way in which police treat black and brown people, violently and without due care.

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