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Interview #36 - Living with a Chronic Condition with Matty from Nooks and Crannies

Hey everyone, I have a couple of things to discuss before the interview this time around. First of all I won’t be making the giant two and a half hour podcast episodes or videos anymore. From now on I’m going to do all the segments the way I was doing them before except I’m just going to produce them and then publish them instead of waiting until all the parts are ready then putting them together and then uploading them. So that’s going to change things a bit and it might seem like I’ve got content coming out super fast but for me it won’t change much and will actually be easier.

Next I just want to say thank you to all my patrons before I start the show. 22 people support my work and make it more possible for me to spend time on this. If you want to be part of that group and have my deepest appreciation then you can do that at or you can send me a one time donation at If you can’t support the show financially there’s other ways you can help. The first is to give me a rating and review on the podcast app of your choice or on one of the podcast review sites like podchaser. You can also subscribe to the channel on youtube and hit the like button on my videos. Commenting and sharing are also a huge help. You probably know one or two people who might like my content and they might know one or two people as well and if we can reach enough people then maybe we can start to change more minds to a leftist perspective.

I think that’s all, this interview is a bit different from some of the others I’ve done. We do touch on politics a bit but it’s really a personal look at what someone who suffers from a chronic condition is dealing with. My friend Matty is the host of the podcast Nooks and Crannies and if you’ve been listening for a long time then you might remember him from early on with the episode titled Canadian Lefties Chatting or something like that. It actually isn’t even up on youtube because my internet was so bad that the video was awful. Matty is a brilliant guy who studied anthropology and has also suffered over 40 concussions. This discussion is about that and how the system, even our Canadian system, is failing him.

So I guess that’s it for an introduction, I hope you enjoy this interview with Matty from Nooks and Crannies

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