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Interview #37 – Satanism and Leftism with Detryck Von Doom

Hey all, thanks for joining us again on The Mind of a Skeptical Leftist. I’ve got another great interview for you this time around. This time I’m talking to Detryck Von Doom who is one of my favorite people to follow on Facebook. He’s the kind of guy that people tag in when they’re dealing with trolls because he’s smart, witty, and absolutely brutal. That’s also why he’s often in Facebook jail. In this episode we talk about a bunch of stuff but I think one of the important takeaways is for anyone who doesn’t really get Satanism. Detryck is a Satanist and while that doesn’t mean he worships Satan it does inform the way he views the world and it is very interesting. I think and maybe you’ll agree that Satanism definitely seems very compatible with a progressive worldview.

Other than that I don’t really have anything for the intro this time around. I just want to thank all my patrons and recently all the people who have supported me extra because I’m struggling financially. Lisa, Damien, Chippy, Jon, and Jeremiah all sent me money this week along with encouraging messages and for that they all deserve my heartfelt thanks and all the good vibes I can send. Thank you so much.

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Ok, onto the interview

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