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Interview #39 - A Marxist in Kazakhstan with Peace Labor May

Hey all, welcome to another interview from The Mind of a Skeptical Leftist. This time around I talked to May from the Youtube channel Peace Labor May. I don’t have much to say except to tell you to make sure to check out her channel because this was a great chat and her content is very good. Lots of poetry and thoughtful content that is both beautiful in form but also in theme. I’m not a poet or writer at all but I’m really enjoying discovering the liberatory poetry and fiction that comes out of leftists of various tendencies.

Before I get into the video though I want to talk a little bit about an article I recently read. It was in the New York Times which I normally avoid but the title caught my attention. It’s titled The Right’s Big Lie About a Sexual Assault in Virginia. So, I heard about this awhile ago when right wingers on Facebook and Twitter started talking about a case of rape in a high school bathroom by someone using a trans inclusive policy to gain entrance to the girls bathroom. Now, I know what you’re thinking, this is obviously bullshit, but I thought I would take a shot and google it. I found a bunch of articles basically using the same rhetoric about it. Always combining a story of a girl being raped with the school’s policy of inclusion and I came away thinking that even if this was an actual case of someone using inclusive policies to take the chance to do this, that isn’t a good argument against inclusive policies. A one off case of a person doing an awful thing doesn’t mean we should punish all the actual trans people who weren’t connected to it in any way. As it turns out, one doesn’t even have to point out that this case is separate from any trans person because it’s not true at all. The guy who did the raping wasn’t trans at all and didn’t use that as an excuse to go into the girls washroom. He was her ex boyfriend or something and used her wanting to talk to him as an opportunity to rape her. Of course this probably won’t make it into the right wing media sphere and even if it did they would try to twist it up again to keep trans women from using the washroom if they could.

This is a pure case of the culture war narrative coming from right wing media sphere distorting facts so to play up a fear that they created to frame their bigoted views in a “protect women” way. It’s also why we on the left cannot just pretend that issues like trans inclusion or bigotry against the lgbtq community is a fringe issue that we shouldn’t worry about while we focus on class. We absolutely need to beat TERF facsism, right wing lies, and all reactionary politics wherever we see it. Our enemies are many and those they oppress are our comrades.

I’m not a fan of the New York Times but I will include a link to the article in the notes for this episode in case you want to check it out.

I think that’s everything. If you like what I do then make sure to subscribe, share, like, all that stuff and if you think my work is valuable and want to support it financially you can do that at or Those links are in my Linktree along with all my other stuff but you’ll hear about that again at the end of the episode so now I’m going to send you over to the interview. I hope you enjoy it.

Here’s the link to the New York Times article

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