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Interview #41 - Anarcho-Airsoftism with Bubble

Hey all, welcome to the mind of a skeptical leftist. This episode I have another great interview for you. I talked to Bubble, who is an organizer and activist involved in various groups. I don’t have much of an intro for this one, I wanted to talk about the Jussie Smollet case and all the people who are very certain that he is guilty but I have a sinus infection and am getting pretty severe headaches so I’m afraid a proper intro isn’t coming for this one. I’ve also been fighting with my video editing software so the editing process has been very slow. We’re taking a short break from Red Reviews so the one I have in the can is the last one until after the new year but don’t worry I still have 3 backlogged interviews, multiple Ask an Anarchist Segments, and I would like to start putting out the Anarchist Reading Corner stuff. I’m also hoping to find time for some very short episodes where I do some quick hot takes on news kind of like the one’s I’ve been doing in the intros the last couple episodes but I’m trying to figure out when and how I will accomplish that. So, stay tuned and if you’re on youtube hit the little notification bell so that you can keep up with all the latest developments for the channel

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