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Interview #46 - Conspiracies and Social Media with Gay Dave

Hi and welcome to the mind of a skeptical leftist. This time around I have another great interview for you. This time I talked to Gay Dave from Echoplex media. We talk about politics, misinformation, and how to deal them. This episode was live streamed on Twitch at on January 17th, 2022.

I’m going to send you straight over to the interview but first I just want to apologize to anyone who may have been waiting for the next episode to come out. Everyone on the shift opposite mine at work got Covid so I was covering a few of those extra nights and then my Dad was sick so I had to cover for him at his job. It made for a long 3 weeks where I had to cancel some great interviews I had booked as well as the Red Reviews episode for the week and I didn’t publish anything for 2 weeks. Since my last recording there’s been a lot going on, the trucker convoy in Canada lasted for 3 weeks and was eventually broken up by a major police action that could have been carried out much earlier (not that I support any police actions), Justin Trudea enacted the emergency measures act despite the police fully having the ability to take action against the convoy anyway, Trudeau announced about 5 days later that the emergency measures act was now done and all is supposedly back to normal, Texas passed their law that will target families that affirm the gender identities of trans kids, and just the other day Russia invaded Ukraine on a pretty massive scale. And of course I’m missing some things and I would love to have a take on them all and I kind of do but I’m nothing I have the time to type out fully and honestly the news moves too fast for me when I’ve worked for 3 weeks straight. I have a hard enough time keeping up when I actually get days off.

I think this is why everyone has news sources or pundits that they trust and get their opinions from most of the time. None of us has the time to be informed on everything and even if we did have time we still couldn’t actually have all the facts on all the things. We do our best, find people we trust who know more than us, and repeat a mixture of the various things we’ve heard. I used to always start my opinions with, “I read an article that said” to the point where it actually became a bit of a joke with my coworkers but these days everyone does the same things except instead of an article it’s usually a facebook post or some dubious as fuck website

Anyway, that’s enough of an intro for this episode. Thanks to all my supporters and thank you to everyone who watches or listens. Please make sure to share the show with your friends or family who may be interested in the perspective of an anarchist who also happens to be a laborer in a conservative province. If you want to become a patron you can do that at or you can send a one time donation to If you can’t support my work financially then a 5 star rating or review on Apple podcasts or one of the podcast review sites would be great. And make sure to follow me on Twitch so you can see the live streams of all the interviews, red reviews, episodes, plus extras. I’m hoping to start streaming more regularly on my days off.

With that I’ll send you over to the interview with Gay Dave from Echoplex Media

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