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Interview #48 - Unmaking Saskatchewan with Sara Birrell

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Hey, folks, I just want to do a quick intro for this one. This is an interview with Sara Birrell from the podcast Unmaking Saskatchewan. And I really enjoyed this interview. It's talking about Saskatchewan, my home province. A place where I've lived my whole life, and where the politics are often very frustrating. As a leftist, and anarchist in Saskatchewan, it can be really kind of tough to see everybody with their very conservative and backwards opinions about pretty much everything

And yes, I do think Conservatives are backwards. I don't think that should be even controversial to say, although I'm sure Conservatives would think that that is controversial. But I think it's based on the facts. Our provincial history and our provincial government tend to lean into some pretty harmful ideas. And yeah, I think that we cover that pretty good.

And Sara's podcast on Making Saskatchewan is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to know the history of Saskatchewan from an anticapitalist anti colonialist perspective. I put this ahead of two other interviews. I wanted to get this one out. I apologize to Brently and Chris Watson, who had to get bumped so that this and my next interview could go ahead of them. But I think really, as much as I enjoy talking to Brently and Chris, I think that Sarah and my next interview with Tori Douglass from the White Homework podcast.

I think that these two interviews really provide a lot of information and are really valuable. And I mean, not to be too woke about it, I guess, quote, unquote woke about it. But I think it is valuable to listen to women and women of color before the same old white dudes that we listen to 99% of the time. Part of what I'm doing this show for is to expand the way that people view the world, and we might not always get that from talking to other cis white dudes. So with that said, before I send you over to the interview, I just want to say thank you for supporting the show and a huge thank you to everyone who supports me

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