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Interview #53 - Talking Climate Collapse with Andy from The Poor Proles Almanac

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Hey folks, welcome to the mind of a skeptical leftist. This is a podcast where I talk to a variety of people to help spread critical thinking, progressive politics, and left wing philosophy. I want to introduce myself so that you know who you’re listening to or watching.

My name is Cory Johnston and I’m a laborer in rural Saskatchewan in Canada. I grew up between a family farm and a small community of about 10 thousand people and eventually moved to a small city of about two hundred and thirty thousand people. Most of the people here are conservative and right wing, with many that would be considered far right.

I’m an anarcho-communist, an atheist, and a skeptic. This means that I try to follow ideas that are better for everyone but I try to base those ideas on the best evidence available. As an anarchist I believe that all people are equal and deserve to be treated as such. No one is above another and systems that put people above each other in value are not systems that I can endorse. When you hear anarchists talk about hierarchy this is what they mean.

As a communist I believe that everyone is entitled to a good life and all things belong to all people. There is nuance to this but above all it entitles everyone to a safe and good life free from coercion. As an atheist I am Ignostic. It’s not just that I don’t believe in any god or gods but that I also believe the claims people make about the god or gods they believe in are inconsistent and often incoherent.

My anarchist tendencies mean I try not to judge others for believing things that aren’t true or evidence based but with my mix of tendencies I do try to help people reach the best ideas and come to the best conclusions for everyone rather than just supporting the status quo or being purely self interested.

I have been podcasting for almost 10 years now. I started in the atheist and skeptic communities in 2013 though I eventually moved onto more progressive communities and spaces as the toxicity and reactionary tendencies in skeptic spaces became more apparent. I do believe that a good skeptic will land on libertarian or anarchist ideals but nobody who follows the evidence can say that capitalism is good for the world or humanity.

I’ve only been working with video for a couple years and I hope that my channel can grow and build a community like some of those I’ve seen build around other channels. However, I don’t live online. I have children, a partner, a job that is demanding, and an aging parent who sometimes needs my help. That means my schedule for production is inconsistent. I hope that you will bear with me and that you enjoy my work.

I have many ways that you can support this channel and I always have other projects on the go so look in the show notes or description box to check those out as well. My patreon is and I deeply appreciate any support you can send my way. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me through any social media platform or by email at

In this episode I talked to Andy from the Poor Proles Almanac and before I send you to it I want to thank my newest patron who hasn’t had a shout out yet, Phaedrus. Thanks so much for supporting the show.

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