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Interview #60 - Keffals, Kiwifarms, and Online Harassment with Felicia

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Hey folks, well I figured since I was already behind on getting this one out that I might as well do a quick intro rather than sticking the generic one in there. I don’t have much to say right now. Most of my thinking is going into my very first video essay where I try to look at anarchism and the aspects of it that make it into both a wonderful utopian theory for the future as well as a practical belief system that allows for good analysis and action in the here and now.

I do however want to tell you that this interview was recorded a few weeks ago. I had something like 6 interviews all in the same week and while they were mostly all streamed live on Twitch, those disappear after 14 days and I wanted to do some editing to streamline them and make them look pretty for Youtube.

I didn’t have a plan going into talking to Felicia and I’m glad I didn’t because I learned a lot about the whole Kiwifarms, Keffels, swatting thing and as usual it seems like the shitty people online are all on one side of the situation, including some leftists or proclaimed leftists.

As for online nonsense since this recording, we recently saw people try to promote MAGA communism. This kind of nonsense is obviously just trolling or an op or something and can’t gain traction because MAGA and all the Trump worshippers are actively and intentionally anti-communist even if they don’t know what communism is. They still believe and promote myths about communist states while espousing a kind of capitalist libertarianism mixed with extreme social conservatism. They came out with a weak platform of sorts but there was very little communism in it and a whole lot of social conservatism. I say it’s nonsense because we already have enough social conservatism in leftist or communist spaces and we definitely don’t need more.

I really don’t think there’s more to say, you can’t mix fascism and communism. When you do, you just get more fascism, which I think is the point for the fascists but only fools like Jimmy Dore will buy into this stuff and then eventually they’ll go full mask off fascist. On twitter there were people claiming that MAGA communism is the same as talking to people you disagree with but as many people pointed out there is a big difference between disagreeing with people and aligning with people who would murder or harm your comrades.

Anyway, it’s pretty clearly more nonsense coming from a right winger and of course the dips in the patriotic socialism movement who are just conservatives with socialist aesthetics.

I don’t really have any more to say about that so I’ll send you to the interview right away but first there are many ways that you can support this channel and I always have other projects on the go so look in the show notes or description box to check those out as well. My patreon is and I deeply appreciate any support you can send my way. Big thanks to Felicia for not only joining me in this episode but also for supporting the show. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me through any social media platform or by email at or use the super cool contact form on my brand new website

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