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Interview #61 - Becoming an Anarchist and Creating Content with Andrew Sage

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Hey, folks. Welcome to another installment of the mind of a skeptical leftist. I just wanted to do a quick intro for this episode. I really enjoyed this chat with Andrew, but some stuff has happened since the last episode that I need to discuss. First. I encountered, obviously, that video about Keffels and Kiwi farms, it got more attention than most of my videos do, so it's doing okay. It's got over 150 views or something now and it has more comments than others. And obviously because of the troll nature of Kiwi Farms, those commenters came to comment because they're trolls. I just have to bring up this one commenter because it's a lot of fun. It's probably my favorite thing that's ever happened. First of all, this is amazing.

This is fucking phenomenal. This kind of comment is absolutely my favorite thing because they don't have anything productive to say. They can't actually argue against any of the points that I've made. They probably only watched half the video, but they just didn't like the tone of us or whatever. They're just being critical, but without any actual substance. This kind of shit comes out all the time. Trolls are garbage people who just have to say negative shit. My response to this comment was that

So I appreciate your fucking bullshit comment. I appreciate the engagement. You come and comment on my stuff. You hit that down vote because you think that's going to hurt me, and then I get more attention on my video, which is counter to whatever bullshit narrative you wish was going out there. So then we've got the reply. There we go.

So they say, “ thank you for doubling down on your astounding trade of seeing up as down.It's amazing, illogic on so many levels.”, No explanation as to why, “ kid, listen word to God.”, Yeah, I don't believe in God, so your word to God means nothing to me.“I stumbled onto your channel”, right because of the kiwi farms and the Keffels hashtags.

“There's no persecution or capitalist conspiracy”, I never said there was, “to shut down your show.” No, you as a troll, come to try and undermine the message that I'm sending by making a comment that you hope will make people not watch the show. That's what trolls do. Don't inflate your own self importance, “and one YouTube comment doesn't affect anything. My comment isn't for anyone else on earth but you. A direct message to you.”

There's millions of ways to send a direct message to me that aren't public. I give email addresses. There's a contact form on my website. You can contact me through any social media. If you don't want a public comment to be public, that's fine. If you want to send something directly to me, that's how you do it. This is a public comment intentionally designed to undermine my video and to make people think that it's not worth watching. But it has the opposite effect, because now you've enticed people to think that, oh, my God, they're saying something important or something controversial.

“It was that bad.” No, it wasn't. Like, you actually have no idea what the fuck you're talking about.

“You come off as a bright enough kid.” I'm 45. You're an idiot. You're like assuming I'm a kid, actually you're probably not even assuming I'm a kid. What comes out here is an attempt to demean me is what it is but it doesn't work because I'm a grown ass adult with self confidence, and it doesn't derive from the approval of trolls on the Internet.

“You come off as a bright enough kid with decent enough intentions who just fell down the anarchy rabbit hole.” No, I've been studying anarchy for probably six or seven years. I've been studying communism for around the same amount of time. I fell into conservatism and right wing bullshit and capitalism and when I started reading and learning intentionally, that's when I learned about anarchy and communism.

So he continues. “I played around with communism and anarchy in my youth, too.” No, you didn't. You don't know what you're talking about.

“You said in the beginning you liked anarchy because it's constantly being reimagined or something to that effect.” I said that it can adapt to the evidence. I said that it can change when it is shown to be incorrect. That's why it's a useful heuristic for viewing the world through. So talk about non-intellectual nonsense here, “and yeah, that's the allure.” That's not the allure. That's one of the strengths of it. The anti-statism, the anti hierarchy stuff, that's important. That's the core. Right? But on top of that is an acceptance of evidence, an acceptance of understanding the world as it is so that you can adapt to it and change it.

“But that co host of yours good God, I'll be nice and just say the same doesn't always apply.” Actually, Felicia is brilliant, and I think that anybody who's pathetic enough to be commenting negative shit on some small channel like mine really isn't the person to be taking advice from.

“Anyway, I do wish you luck in life, kid.” Yeah, you're probably like a 13 year old dipshit who thinks you're smarter than everybody else because you live in KiwiFarms and everybody confirms your biases all the time. I suggest reading a book.

It's amusing as fuck to me that a guy like this thinks that his comment is somehow relevant. At first, I didn't even read it because I just replied, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, fuck off, get the fuck out of here because I don't need the approval of Internet trolls. I do this show for those who want to watch it. I do this show for myself because I have a need to get this stuff off my chest in a lot of ways and to learn and to grow with the world and to learn more about how things are working.

But, yeah, that's fine, Pirate whatever the fuck name. Pirate McCall. Thanks for your bullshit comment. Every bit of attention that you bring to the channel is appreciated. So anyway, that's the fun part.

I have to get somber for a moment. A friend of mine recently passed away. She was on my old show, the Brainstorm podcast, and she was genuinely one of the best people I've ever met in my life. She helped me learn about feminism. She helped me learn about how to be a compassionate person and how to understand just being kind, but also standing up for what you believe.

I was friends with Angela for a number of years. She was on my old show for a long time, and for like, four or five years she was on that show with us. And I couldn't have asked for a better co host and friend. And it was devastating when I got the news that she had passed. And my heart goes out to her family and her children and her husband and her relatives.

it's hard when people pass before their time and legitimately, it feels like sometimes the good are the ones who die young. And yeah, that's pretty much all I can say about that. I don't mean to send you into the interview with Andrew on a negative note or a somber note, but I had to say something.

I was thinking about putting together an in memorium type of clip set because she had one of the best radio voices you could hear. Whenever she would say hello at the start, we would all ooh at the sultry tones of her voice. And, yeah, just an amazing person, one of my favorite people in the entire world. And it's really sad and tragic that she's gone, but I guess in whatever cheesy way I can, I dedicate, like, this episode to her and my future in feminism and trying to make the world a better place. Like, she wasn't an anarchist, but she was genuinely one of the best people.

So with that, I guess I'll do the silly plugs. You can support the show on Patreon. You can send me money You can give us a rating or a review on Apple podcasts or the podcast app of your choice. I like podchaser, but nobody seems to like it. And if you want to contact me, my email is

Thank you very much to everybody who supports my show and supports this content and shares it around everywhere.

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