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Interview #66 - Anarchism and Ecology with Chris Scully

Hey folks, welcome to another episode of The Mind of a Skeptical Lefist. This time around I talked to Chris Scully of the podcast Ironweeds and the band Zombie Giuliani. We covered a lot of ground in this chat but for length I did have to cut a little bit because we went so long. We talked about his podcast and co-hosts a little bit, anarchism, social ecology, the environmental crisis that we’re facing, and so much more.

Ironweeds is a podcast where the hosts discuss current events and news items and analyze them using a leftist framework. While the format is fairly common, the hosts of Ironweeds are not. They are clever, funny, knowledgeable people with an obvious care for the well being of others. I highly recommend you check it out. And if you like punk then check out Chris’ band Zombie Giuliani, I can’t say that I’m a big punk fan but I do enjoy listening to Chris’ band.

Last time I talked about leaving a comment if you have ideas about how to reach new people without posting on social media and I got a little bit of help from one listener so thank you very much for that. This episode I want you to send me an email or comment on the video if you know about municipal federations and Bookchin’s view of how we should organize society. Do you like it, think it needs work, or do you think it’s trash? I want to know what you think.

With that it’s time for the pitch before we go into the interview

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Here are some links for Chris’ cohosts and their content


Cops, politicians, and rentiers of all kinds


Bike kitchens, teachers, volunteers, (some) comedians, caregivers of all kinds

Here is a link for info on Bike Kitchens in British Columbia -

Full Interview Here

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