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Interview #68 - Leaving Leninism with Justin Clark

Hey everyone, welcome to another episode of The Mind of a Skeptical Leftist. This was recorded back in November with my friend and cohost Justin Clark. As regular listeners know we’ve started Red Reviews up again and Justin is coming at the project with a renewed passion for learning and educating about leftist ideas, theories, and philosophies. This interview is a very good one in which he goes through his fairly recent changes in philosophical outlook. Humanism is at the heart of any good liberatory philosophy and while I find this to me totally compatible with anarchism Justin has had some issues reconciling it with the Leninist aspects of his previous outlook and it makes me happy to hear that his humanism won out when those contradictions became too big to overcome. Some people said that I should move on from Justin when he joined the PSL but I had faith in Justin as a person and felt that even if the org he was a part of was not behaving ethically that he would do what was right and stand up for good humanist values. I shared some articles with him near when we started our break from Red Reviews and I always thought that he would approach them with intellectual honesty. I guess it seems like I’m repeating myself because it was my faith in Justin as a good person and an honest thinker that kept me believing he would find a way to reconcile being part of the PSL with his values or he would leave it. It seems like it wasn’t something he could reconcile so he left the PSL.

I don’t really have much else to say that I’m happy Justin is in a better place now and I’m sorry he lost his grandmother who passed away shortly after this interview. I consider Justin a good friend and a good cohost and I look forward to producing good podcasts and videos with him for years to come.

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And now that that is out of the way here is my interview with Justin Clark

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