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Interview #71 - The State of Canadian Politics with Budrino

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Alright. Hi, folks. Welcome to another episode of The Mind of a Skeptical Leftist, the podcast where I talk to a variety of people to spread critical thinking, progressive politics, and leftwing philosophy. I'm kind of going off script a little bit for this one, so I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to say, but today I'm talking to well, not today, in November, or I think it was November a few months ago. I talked to Budrino, formerly of the Budrino Politics streaming and podcast.

He does not do politics streaming anymore, so you cannot find his content. But I still think that this is worth putting out. And this was a good conversation about a variety of topics. At one point, I think somebody asked us about Alex Stein, who I did not realize, it turns out is actually like a right wing troll. So the person who asked about Alex Stein or what we thought of Alex Stein, I currently think very lowly of this person.

I think his name was Alex Stein. I keep saying that, but I'm not entirely certain if that's the name. But he went to a drag storytime, drag queen storytime, and was harassing people, annoying people in the line. Or maybe some of the defenders. I'll include,wWell, maybe I won't include one of the stories in the links

He's a very annoying person. Not an actual thinker at all, just a troll, professional troll, much like most right wing media personalities, they're just trolling for clout, and that's the whole game for them. I guess that's about all I have to say about this interview, except that I really like Budrino's takes on some things, but then I disagree with him quite a bit on other things. So take that with you as you will. And I hope you enjoy this conversation because I certainly did.

And yeah, I guess that's all I got to say about the interview. Onto the pitch. My family and I are moving, so production is going to be even less steady than it has been in a while. I hope that's okay with some of you. I hope that's okay with my supporters.

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Here are a couple places you can find Budrino

Budrino has unfortunately quit streaming and producing episodes of his podcast but there are still a couple old videos up on his Twitch channel (the below video may not show up in all browsers for some reason) Here is a link for you to check out if that's the case

Here are some clips from this interview

Full Interview Here

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