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Interview #72 - Anarcho-Relating with Sally Emm

Hi folks, welcome to another episode of the Skeptical Leftist podcast. I'm going through a little bit of a rebrand now. I'm turning it into just The Skeptical Leftist Podcast instead of The Mind of a Skeptical Leftist, and yeah, so there's a new logo. You might have noticed I'm starting to slowly transition the website over and of course Red Reviews is still Red Reviews but the whole broader project is now going to be The Skeptical Leftist Podcast.

And anyway, this is another one of my wonderful interviews. This time I talked to Sally from the AnRel YouTube Channel. She talks about various subjects surrounding anarchism and relationships and having a non hierarchical relationships and she's done some great videos on what is hierarchy. Some really cool videos. Obviously I'll post the links in the show notes.

I do think like doing the editing on this, it made me think that this was actually not that bad. It was a pretty good interview. I thought at the time, I remember feeling like flustered and a little bit out of sorts like I hadn't done a very good job as an interviewer. But I think that the end product is actually turning out pretty well. I'm glad that we didn't do it live so it wasn't on Twitch or anything.

So nobody's seen this until the edited version comes out and then that will be available on YouTube and I'm going to probably stream it on Twitch quickly too. So then it'll be up there for a few weeks. Yeah. Sally is a very smart person, very interesting person and I hope that you really enjoy this interview and I hope that you go check out her channel. So on to the pitch.

You might have noticed a slight decline in production because my family and I are moving and it's tax season so I've got that on my plate. And I seem to have this thing now where if I have too many things on the go, my mind locks up and I can't really produce anything. So I had to really ignore all the important stuff so that I could focus on getting the podcast out.

Hopefully this is all coming out in relatively good timing and yeah, I hope this finds you all well. And anyway, I'm working on getting the content out as fast as I can. I'm trying every little trick in the book with my brain being so weird lately. And we're moving, which I mentioned last time, but we are moving at the end of April so the more support we can get through Patreon or through Buy Me a Coffee would be great. Yeah, just can use the help.

Rent went up quite a bit. Like probably what, like 25% more? No, it's even almost 50% more. But anyway, so skepticalleftist and obviously I have to thank all my patrons and supporters. That includes Jason, who recently sent me money on Buy Me A Coffee, which is

Links are always in the show notes. All of my supporters make it possible for me to do this show. Support levels on Patreon start at a dollar per month or $1.50for Canadians. You can now subscribe on Spotify for ninety nine cents a month. So then that money will come my way and that gives you also access to bonus content.

I'm going to start uploading the bonus content as video there so that maybe will incentivize some people there. That means for some Red Reviews episodes you get like 3 hours of video of me and Justin shooting the shit sometimes. This most recent Red reviews has like 20 minutes in the start and like an hour and a half of content after the show. So that's all going to be on Spotify. If you want it on Patreon, let me know.

I'll make sure that it gets on Patreon as well. If you can't support me with money then please hit the like button. Make sure to subscribe on the YouTube channel or the podcast app of your choice. Go write a review on Apple podcasts Stitcher or Pod Chaser. I always need more ratings and reviews.

It looks like we're getting a few five star ratings so I really appreciate that. And yeah, definitely hit that. Hit the bell on the YouTube so that you get every episode of the show for sure. You can always contact me on social media or on YouTube or by leaving a comment on YouTube or you can contact me on my website which is, and you can email me at

I think that's everything on to the interview.

Here are a couple links for her stuff

Here is a sample of Sally's work

Full Interview Here

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