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Interview #74 - Is Crypto a Con? with Physicist Chris

Hey folks, welcome to a new interview on The Skeptical Leftist Podcast. I have another great interview for you this time around but first I have a couple things to say. Thank you to all of you who stayed patrons despite the fact that I haven’t published anything in a few weeks. It’s been a crazy month between the packing, the moving, the setting up, and the extra shifts I took on at work so we could pay for the new place. I just really appreciate everyone who stuck with me. If you’re still subscribed to the podcast version, thank you. Please head over and give me a sub on Youtube as well. I do some livestreams and other things there that don’t make it to the podcast feed and would hate for anyone to miss them. Plus it would be cool to make it to a thousand subs before the end of the year. I have a pretty small audience and I can say with certainty that you all are probably the coolest people around so thanks for listening and if you want to chat with other listeners or viewers then check out the discord and lets try to build a community. If everyone who downloads this episode joins the discord then we could have a pretty great little community. Just a couple of things I want to say about this interview. I talked to Chris Birkinbine from the podcast A Dash of Science. It was a good chat about cryptocurrency and while I don’t think I articulated my objections to it very well you should be able to find good criticisms of crypto, NFTS, the so called Metaverse, and many of the other cultural things that go with crypto on podcasts like Tech Won’t Save Us with Paris Marx and Dan Olsen’s Youtube channel Folding Ideas. You might note that Chris isn’t a leftist and despite my tendency towards discussions of politics, we don’t get too much into theory or punditry here. Chris has a perspective on cryptocurrency that I don’t have and I thought it would be a good chance to learn from someone who I disagree with. We do touch on politics very briefly and Chris seems to think of himself as a centrist and despite my many disagreements with people who consider themselves as centrists I don’t want him to get any hate because of his views. That’s not what this conversation was about, and lately I’m starting to get the impression that some of the holier than thou behavior of online people is more than a little hypocritical, which I will be talking about in a couple upcoming episodes. I like Chris and this was a good chat and I think I learned a few things even if I wasn’t convinced that crypto is anything other than a scam at worst and just another way to reinforce capitalism at best.

You can find links for all of Chris’ content in the show notes along with some links for articles, podcasts, and videos that I think are good criticisms of crypto, including my own interview back in my Brainstorm Podcast days.

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