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The Ghost of Anarchism with Margaret Killjoy

Hey folks welcome to the next interview from the Skeptical Leftist podcast. If you pay attention to the live videos on Youtube then you’ve already heard this one but for lots of folks it will be a new interview. I talked to the one and only Margaret Killjoy. She was a great guest and we had an awesome conversation that went from discussing what anarchism is, to what it means to us, to whether Kropotkin was right about World War 1. It was just a fantastic conversation and it was a lot of fun.

No intro rant this time around but make sure to take care of yourself and if you can, give some money to a charity or organization that is helping the people of Palestine right now. They’re experiencing some pretty nasty stuff at the moment and need as much help as we can give.

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Here are some links talking about Kropotkin and WW1

All of Margaret's links are here

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