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Brogressive Hypocrisy with Eiynah Nicemangos

In this episode I talked to Eiynah Nicemangos, host of the podcast Polite Conversations. Eiynah has been podcasting for a long time and does high quality work around the far right and the so-called intellectual dark web. Her series debunking and calling out Sam Harris for his bigotry is some of my favorite content covering Sam and the people like him. In this chat we talk about some stuff that happened adjacent to my old online community, the atheist community. There are some reactions to being called out that were truly shitty and there were some allegations of supposed progressive guys that came out a little while ago that exposed some hypocrisy among the men who claimed to be progressive. In some ways this may appear to be a drama episode but that isn’t the intent. People with privilege have to be more aware of and more thoughtful about the ways they behave even when the consequences could be potentially harmful to them. 

Here are some links for things we talked aboutNew Atheism and the far right

Andrew Torrez allegations

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